D-AND-D (group DANOR lighting) is an importer of amplification systems, projection, lighting, command and control systems and performs professional integration for stage, studios & projects
Our company represents the best of the world’s leading companies of professional audio field.

D-AND-D is considered one of the leading firms in the import, marketing and design of professional sound systems, projection systems together with command & control and lighting systems.

D-AND-D offers a variety of services ranging from consulting, design, installation and training. We offer also advanced laboratory services architectural drafting services, building and execution of tenders and supervision of projects.

The circle of our customers are the best theaters, hotels, theaters and event halls, clubs, rental companies DJs, musicians, TV studios, radio studios, recording studios, gyms, restaurants, spas, bars, cafes, stadiums, auditoriums, public academic institutions, private clients.

Above all, D-AND-D provides the solutions under one roof perfectly from audio and video systems and lighting systems.



Digital Signage
Home Automation
Command & Control system


Project Planning
Construction of tenders and supervision
AutoCAD programs and inspection
Supply, installation, service and support
Rent and sale

Studio musicians and acoustics

Main areas of activity:
private home studios
Professional studios
Radio and Broadcast Studios
Post production studios

What we are commercializing

Pro-Audio systems
Multi-room / IP TV systems
Studio equipment
Lighting systems
Cameras (CCTV)
Emergency systems
Projection equipment (projectors, screens, lifts, etc.).
Command & control systems (Automation)

Our customers

theaters and cultural centers
rental & record companies
Conference halls
Cafes / Restaurants / Bars
Professional theaters
Discos and concerts halls
Visitor Centers
Stadiums and sports halls
Recording and broadcasting studios
Meeting rooms
Post production studios
Gyms & Spa
Fashion stores
Museum & art galleries

D-AND-D - group DANOR lighting

is also engaged in turnkey project, sound, lighting, stage facilities, projection, public address and CCTV systems.
Our company has experience in project planning and installation overseas hotels such as:
L. Raphael  – Verbier – Switzerland
Excelsior – Berlin – Germany
Whyndham – Frankfurt – Germany
SKYBOX – New York – USA

We represent in Israel 10 of the world’s leading companies of professional audio field.


Professional audio interfaces (Made in Germany)


Professional cables for studios & musicians
(Made in Germany)


Speakers, amplifiers, processors, microphones
(Made in USA & Germany)
(Electro-Voice & Dynacord part of consortium BOSCH Germany)



Speakers, amplifiers, analog and digital mixers (Made in Germany)
(Electro-Voice & Dynacord part of consortium BOSCH Germany)


microphones and pre-amp & instruments for recording studios
(Made in USA)


Sound processors, analog and digital mixers and high quality studio equipment
(Made in UK)


Studio sound processors
(Made in USA)


Monitors the world’s top professional recording studios, mixing, mastering (Made in UK)


Solutions to the studios and musicians.
(Made in USA)


Advanced speaker systems, high-quality and cost-efficient advanced technology
(Made in The Netherlands)


Recording studio mixers,
PRE-AMP devices,
processors and sound recordings
(Made in UK)


Professional studio furniture
(Made in USA)

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